Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is It Over?

So here we have it. A world gone off the track? Or just a simple evolution to a newer level in accordance with divine direction? Are we headed for economic collapse, and, if so, are the causes "man made" or beyond our ability to change? In haste to construct this discussion post, I have probably omitted many central and important points. The goal, to quote the parlance of the life I am leaving as a judge, is to take a "brief recess" and permit anyone (who will take the time) an opportunity to express their views on the future of our existence.

Personally, I view a world that has its finite resources strained by too many people. People who choose not to value those finite resources and provide the stewardship required to sustain the life style we presently enjoy. We are past Peak Oil and the threat of global warming is increasing. Survival in the future, possibly the very near future, will require skills and knowledge that have been lost by many. Through the gateway of this blog, I encourage all who have hope for the future to take a moment and explain why we should not assume that we are simply lost and adrift on the sea of expectation without hope. This question is particularly pertinent in the face of rising oil prices, devaluation of the dollar through inflation, and a dirth of responsible national leadership willing to confront these matters.
I trust I will be reading responses that are lucid, insightful and give me cause to pause and ponder whether hope is truly gone.


Donna said...

Glad to see you have started a blog. Your insights will enlighten the masses, I'm sure.

As for the global warming reference, you should check We apparently have an entire government agency dedicated to monitoring this and other weather related issues, but no one in power seems to be paying attention to its findings.

"The average global land temperature last month was the warmest on record and ocean surface temperatures were the 13th warmest. Combining the land and the ocean temperatures, the overall global temperature ranked the second warmest for the month of March. Global temperature averages have been recorded since 1880."

rube cretin said...

"The universe is doing its universe thing and we can assess whether we like it or not and it won't care much, as far as I can tell." I have just checked with the authorities and they tell me that you remain a public employee until the last day of this month. if you are going to begin a blog with an untruth what are we to think about what will follow. It does occur to me that in reality you retired several years ago, but just got around to telling your employer. Based on this info i assume we can expect lots of unethical writings from your future posts which i intend to monitor closely.

As for the contents of your first post i offer the following comment. Just watch your tv and continue to frequent fine fast food restaurants the malls and everything will be just fine. Trust me, I'm the expert.

Mustangsallie said...

Well Don, it looks like you are indeed preparing for retirement!
A gifted mind like yours will never go to waste as long as you take the opportunity to intellectually spar with other gifted minds. I am sorry my mind does not fit in that category but am happy there is someone out there with the ability to investigate the world's prospects for a "hopeful" future. Should you find that the future is totally bleak, please inform me in time to stop my happy existence and head to the hills with weapons, food, girlscout survival kit and a case of my favorite wine!
Seriously, good luck with your new blog I will enjoy the opportunity to see what the real thinkers of the world think.