Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rube’s Perspective

Are we there? Recession or not? Joe Public with his wife and 2.4 kids thinks it is here. Depending on which economist you read, we may be and we may not be approaching the bad times. A recent conversation with one hermit, Rube Cretin, yielded the following comments which I deem worthy of passing on to you, the reader, with the admonishment that no one knows the future, but it might be smart to start a garden. Rube has bewailed the lack of acceptance by humankind of solutions for the current world situation. Based on his reviews, he proposes that the population of the earth is analogous to wine yeast. Not an original idea, he admits. Read his comments:


It is not my wine yeast analogy.  Alfred Lotka in 1922 suggested the maximum power concept as a fundamental energy law.   Rephrased it goes like this.  "In the self-organizational process, systems develop those parts, processes, and relationships that capture the most energy and use it with the best efficiency possible without reducing power. "   IMHO that's all that is going on.  When the non renewable energy source is depleted and no longer available, fewer exosomatic humans will turn back to those more primitive strategies of survival which were found to be effective in sustaining life in the low energy budget past (If we don't blow our selves all the way back to the star dust from which we came). 


Much of the information and technology available today, which give us our god like arrogance, will have no relevance in a future where only renewable resources, the sun, tides, and wind, are available.   No, I think it is human vanity that leads us to think that we are on an evolutionary path to greater consciousness and greatness.  I don't pretend to know which cultural strategies are the most effective and efficient for sustainability, surely there are more than one, but the ancients were simply adapting to their energy budget and passing their phenotypes on to future generations, which is what all life does, and it's what we are doing now.            


It seems to me the noise emanating from the beast we call humanity is the argument taking place over the mythology of many accepted beliefs which govern our existence.  Much is coming into focus.   In the areas of life by which we divide our interests, discussions are taking place.  These discussions are getting loud and violent in some quarters because as Senator Shelton Whitehouse stated the other day, "This is an existential matter."  People are beginning to figure out that resources are running out and there isn't going to be enough for all 6.7 billion of us.


 We humans are a species of greedy, narcissistic, violent bastards.  Deep down many spend considerable time thinking how they can position themselves to past through the bottleneck that the swift currents tell us is ahead.   Formal governmental alliances are restructuring throughout the world, and informal alliances among groups, families, and individuals are developing among the first to recognize the peril before us.  The corporate owned and controlled news media is diverting the masses' attention from the situation by feeding them a steady diet of bullshit information and boredom killing entertainment.  My god when one thinks about the potential of the total media to influence human activity there can be no other thing going on.   


The large corporations are also vulnerable and the frantic struggle is beginning to prepare for and hopefully survive the rapids ahead which are certain to drown many.   It is here where our future is probably going to be determined, because it is a well known fact that the people can be manipulated into positions useful for the sustainability of the large worldwide financial conglomerates.  Perhaps they are after all the god we all serve, as they represent our evolved best efforts at governance.  Few individuals can handle the fact that they are in reality valueless.  The individual is just another item of inventory, stamped and bar-coded in this world of corporations.    


Perhaps the brain like mechanisms of this thing we call life is being controlled by humans and its insidious effects are analogous to some garden variety mental illness.    


No, it's just hogs at the trough, pushing and shoving to get the remaining feed.   A slight majority believes more will arrive tomorrow, some have been left out and are hungry, a few have noticed that there is no more feed in barn and something is about to change.   

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